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Dewalt 54V Cordless Brushless Reciprocating Saw DCS388N – Packaging and Unboxing

I was contemplating to get a cordless chainsaw to cut some of the tree branches in the garden. After a bit of research I decided to go for a reciprocating saw instead as it would be more versatile. Not only a recip saw can be used to cut down small branches but it is also handy for DIY projects around the house.

Since I already have Dewalt Flexvolt batteries and chargers, I stuck with the brand and got a Dewalt 54 brushless model DCS388N. Below are photos of the unit.

1. The box – it’s a skin only model
2. The saw – skin only
3. Specifications
4. Head of the unit
5. Left side
6. Right side
7. Warranty and user guide
8. With a battery and a blade

Once equipped with a battery the unit feels heavy but thanks to its ergonomic design it’s still very manoeuvrable. I have used this recip saw to cut branches, large pieces of timber, sleepers, etc. without any problems.

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