Where to Store Luggage on an Italo Treno Italian High Speed Train

Last December we took the Italo Treno, an Italian high speed train, between Venice and Rome. We travelled in what’s called the Prima ambiance. This post shows the overhead racks and the floor level rack available to store your luggage on the train.

Prima ambiance
Toilets and access to a Prima car

On this train luggage can be stored in the overhead racks. The depth and height of the overhead space were generous enough to accommodate small and larger bags.

40 litre bags easily fit in the overhead racks

Larger suitcases can be stored in the overhead racks too. Though it could be challenging to lift heavy and bulky bags into the rack and retrieve them safely.

Weight can be an issue for larger bags to store and retrieve up high
This rather large piece of luggage still fits in the overhead rack

On this car there was only one rack at floor level, located near the doors to board the train. It can accommodate 2 suitcases.

A chain with padlock can be used to secure your luggage to the floor-level rack
Only enough room to store two pieces of luggage at floor level

In parts of the trip the train’s speed was over 240 km per hour.

Overall the trip was pleasant. The train left Venice on time arrived in Rome Termini station on time. About one hour after we left Venice passengers were offered snacks and drinks.

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