How to charge the Sony camera A6000 battery with a powerbank

A powerbank used to charge your mobile devices can be handy to charge the Sony A6000 battery too.

I carry a Cygnett ChargeUp Pro Powerbank 11000mAh with me when out and about for a day. The powerbank is necessary to keep my iPhone 6 battery full a whole day of use. In addition it has plenty of reserve to charge my Sony A6000 battery too. With its 2.1A output port, the A6000 battery recharges a lot faster than via the provided wall charger.

In a photo below when I connected my A6000 to the Cygnett ChargeUp Pro Powerbank it had 33% battery left. After just 30 minutes of charging, time for a lunch break, the battery level went up to 77%.

Note: To charge the camera I used the original Sony USB micro-USB cable.

Recharging the A6000 battery with a Cygnett powerbank.
Cygnett ChargeUp Pro Powerbank 11000mAh.
Detailed specs of the Cygnett ChargeUp Pro Powerbank 11000mAh.

If you don’t want to buy a second battery for the A6000, a powerbank may be a worthwhile option since a 11000mAh unit is cheaper than a Sony battery NP-FW50. With a powerbank you can also charge your other mobile devices while on the go.

Sony original battery model NP-FW50 for the A6000 mirrorless camera.

Note: the camera cannot be used while charging.


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    1. Original SONY NF-FW 50 should run for an hour while filming… This camera is pretty bad on batteries… Around 300 shots…. It gets even worse using electronic viewfinder, continuous autofocus, motorized zoom, optical stabilization or other fancy features… 😉 Wi-fi drains this battery even while being switch off – turning airplane mode is a must… From my personal experience those so-called replacement batteries (Newell, no-name etc) aren’t worth buying… There’re problems with charging them on 100%, even with say 50% power they can suddenly show up “battery exhausted” message ;). Don’t touch them!

  1. Excuse me, but if the original charger has a power of 0.5 Ampere, to charge the sony a6000 with 1 or 2.1 Ampere could damage it and the battery, or not?
    Is faster but the battery will be damaged i think.

    1. The camera will only consume as much current as it needs. You could connect it to a 100A power supply, and if the camera can only charge at 1A, then that’s all it’ll consume.
      Same for phones, laptops, etc.

      Just note that this same rule does not apply to Voltage – providing too much voltage is very likely to damage your device.

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