Apple Watch Series 6 Battery Drain [Solved]

Over the last few days I noticed the battery of my Apple Watch Series 6 was draining quicker than usual.

With a full charge before sleep, my watch typically lasted a night and would still have about 20-30% left at 6, 7pm where I would put it back to charge.

The watch was updated to WatchOS 7.6.1 not long ago. I also noticed there were no sounds from the speakers and haptic stopped working.

My research found other people have similar battery drain issue. Suggestions included unparing and re-paring, wait a few days, etc.

Today I did a quick test turning off the watch, wait for 5 minutes and turn it back on. Interestingly enough, haptic works again, sound comes from the speakers loud and clear, and battery seems to behave normally.

If you experience this problem with your Apple Watch, try this simple process and I hope it fixes the issue for you.


  • Apple Watch Series 6 Nike with WatchOS 7.6.1
  • iOS 14.7.1
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