Asus Tuf Gaming AX5400 Wifi 6 Router Unboxing

We just got this new Asus Wifi 6 router as an upgrade to the Asus RT-AC87U that has been working reliably for almost six years. Because of its reliability we decided to continue using this brand.

This post shows the unboxing of the new unit.

The front has the activity lights.
The back has similar features to the RT-AC87U. 12V socket, on-off switch, USB-3 port, 4 Gigabit switch, Wan port, WPS switch and a Reset button.
The bottom has the Mac address and SSID of the unit for the app to connect to during initial setup.
The Asus TUF-AX5400 has a slightly smaller footprint than the RT-AC87U.
Because of the additional antenna on its sides the TUF-AX5400 takes a similar width to the RT-AC87U.

The power adaptor of the TUF-AX5400 is wider than the adaptor that came with the RT-AC87U. As a result it’s no longer possible to have it next to the power adaptor for the Philips Hue Bridge on the twin wall sockets as seen on the above photo.

I had to resort to plugging a power board into the wall socket next to the power adaptor for the Asus router since the plug of the power board is slimmer than the Hue Bridge power adaptor. I wish Asus kept the same slim design of the power brick for this router also.

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