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iPhone 7 vs. iPhone 6 – 7 Notable Differences

Today, 16 September 2016 was the first day the new iPhone 7 became available to the public. After a 25-minute wait I was able to pick up my pre-ordered iPhone 7 in its new black finish.

Below are a few photos of the iPhone 7 compared to an iPhone 6.

iPhone 7 vs iPhone 6

1. The phone jack is gone on the iPhone 7.


iPhone 7 vs. iPhone 6

2. The iPhone 7 is a bit thinner.


iPhone 7 vs. iPhone 6

3. Because the iPhone 7 is rated IP67 (can be used under the rain), it was a bit harder to get the sim card tray out.


iPhone 7 vs. iPhone 6

4. I did a quick test of the iPhone 7 sound system and can confirm the sound also came from the top of the phone to create a nice stereo effect.


iPhone 7 vs. iPhone 6

5. The antennas on the iPhone 7 run along the top and bottom edges. The matt black finish is nice with a black logo.


iPhone 7 side by side iPhone 6

6. The new iPhone 7 I got comes with a battery charged up to 80%. The new home button no longer makes a click but feels more like the new touch pad on the Macbook.


iPhone 7 next to iPhone 6

7. The back camera on the iPhone 7 is bigger than the iPhone 6’s, and the ring is now part of the casing itself. It looks great.


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