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Vodafone Alcatel onetouch 2036X Unboxing

Vodafone has this Alcatel onetouch 2036X on sale for $29.

It has 12 day battery life, 4 hour talking time, 3G, camera and a little torch. It seems like a nice little feature phone.






In the box:

  • Alcatel onetouch 2036X
  • battery
  • wall charger
  • earphones

Alcatel also provides a plastic satchel that can be used to ship  old phone and accessories to MobileMuster for recycling.


The Sim socket takes a micro Sim card:


Battery is a 3.7V, 750 mAh:


Wall charger:


Out of the box battery has more than half a charge which allows to power the phone:


Welcome message:


FM radio works nicely:



  • The Alcatel onetouch 2036X can be put on silence, however it does not have vibration capabilities. When the phone is on silence and a call arrives, the displays lights up to show the caller number or name but the phone does not vibrate.
  • Phone can be turned off but alarm would still ring at set time.

More info about the Alcaltel onetouch 2036X on Vodafone website.

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  1. G’day Jimmy,

    This phone works fine if you don’t need to put it on silent mode. If the phone is on silent mode and carried in your pocket or bag you may not be aware of incoming calls.

    Thanks for the comment 😉

    1. Hi Helen,

      Unfortunately I no longer have this phone. It lacked some features we needed such as vibration while on silence. We returned it for an basic Android phone.

      Thanks for visiting TechKoalas and sorry for not being more helpful.

      Our best wishes with your project.

    1. Wayne,

      I’m trying to work out how to get the MP3 files into the phone??? Or are you playing the music from the radio on the phone ??

  2. hi quick question,in the connections section on this phone, what does it need to be on just for phone use(i dont want o use internet)should it be on connect when needed setting..thank you so much, a good little phone

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