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Optus vs. Telstra 4G internet speed on Noosa Beach

Last week we were on vacation in Noosa, Queensland, Australia. The weather was nice and warm so we decided to spend the day at the Noosa main beach.

I did a quick SpeedTest on our two iPhones on the beach. One with Telstra and the other with Optus. Below screenshots show very decent results.

According to SpeedTest Optus download speed was 15.22 Mbps faster, at 47.24 Mbps vs. 32.02 Mbps. While Telstra upload speed was faster.

Optus 4G

  • Ping: 29 ms
  • Download: 47.24 Mbps
  • Upload: 7.75 Mbps

Telstra 4G

  • Ping: 30 ms
  • Download: 32.02 Mbps
  • Upload: 19.34 Mbps

SpeedTest Screenshots

Optus 4G

Noosa Beach Optus 4G speed

Telstra 4G

Noosa Beach Telstra 4G speed

Although we didn’t have the five dots for both networks on the beach we were pleasantly surprised by the fast speed from both telcos.


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