Sony Camera A6000 (ILCE-6000)

Charging a Sony A6000 and an iPhone 6 at the same time with a 11,000 mAh powerbank

Some time ago I wrote a post about using a powerbank to recharge my Sony A6000 battery instead of buying an extra battery for the camera.

This time I did a test of charging the A6000 and an iPhone 6 at the same time while on the beach.


In fact we were able to recharge the A6000 and two iPhone devices on that day. Both phones could last the whole day allowing us to check/send emails, make phone calls and take… photos and videos. With the Alpha 6000 I took over 600 photos and recorded quite a bit of full HD movies on the beach.

This Cygnett powerbank is definitely a remarkable power reserve to take with you on a day out where you may not get a chance to be close to power outlets.

When we got to the hotel, it still had one LED of reserve :slight_smile:


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